Funtastic writes:

There is a guy named Kyle that I enjoy conversing with.  I find myself attracted to him as a result of the conversations.  I have not met with him in person yet; we are in different states but we met a few times in high school.  I have been feeling a lot of feelings concerning him and not sure what they all mean.  I want to act from my mind and not just my feelings, physical or otherwise.   I have been celibate for about 6 years because I want to wait for the right man for me.   I want a man who will cherish me and commit to me for life as in a marriage partner.  I also see sex between two people as sacred and would like to only share that within a loving, monogamous, committed, and healthy long term relationship.  How do I evaluate what man would make a good mate for me so that I can choose the right one?  Would Kyle make a good mate for me?  He invited me to an event to see him, but I had negative thoughts creep in surrounding my safety.   I do not want to be carried away by momentary or fleeting feelings nor controlled by fearful and highly improbable outcomes.  I thank you.

The guide’s response:

Oh my blessed one, you want so much to do all things right.  And this is good.  You honour your being; you value your being.  But I want you to look at many of the choices that you make and ask, do they come from you or do they come from very limited learning early in life?  You are opening like the most beautiful blossom, one petal at a time, allowing the beautiful sunlight to touch your beautiful being, to breathe, to be.  Do not carry that that served you well in the past into the present, other than that that forms some strength, some root.  It does not limit how far the beauty of your flower will go.

What I am saying to you my dear is that you are living under the limitations of many beliefs.  Make sure they are yours.  Make sure they are your truths.  All of this is part of making sure.  You have reached out to find companionship and there is a voice out there, one that you have knowledge of.  Now, dearest one, you know very well that you are afraid to be controlled by another being—and yet you are wondering if you will fit to that one’s light.  Bring it back home to who you are.  It is your growth, your time to learn about things, your understanding of loving.

If this being and you have formed communication, you have not spoken enough about who you need to be, to have.  Bring this one to you if you wish to meet, on your understanding, in your place of safety.  You are wise to know what is right for you.  You are wise to know that you are like a young babe in many ways, but beautiful and trusting to love.  You are wise to protect you.  So make it be your choice, your place, your safety.  And know dearest one that you will feel strong enough to trust, to love, in time.  Will this one be the one?  You choose that my dear, with the steps you are taking to understand your truth.

I want to tell you blessed one that I wrap my arms around you (though I have not arms).  My energy is with you.  You are not alone.  Do not fear.  Make choices that bring you complete peace, and trust.