IndianFor some, the fight is only just begun.  Some will rush to the battle lines not knowing what or why.

Remember this, not all beings know why they fight, some  simply just have nothing else to do, new souls.

Those that walk gently and quietly are ancient.  But know there is a time when one must fight.

Your corner of the world is gaining a great deal of attention.  Use your means of speech to speak your truth.  I am drawn to your light for it is very bright.

Can you share who you are?

It doesn’t matter who I am.  I am the voice of the ancient ones that walked this land you walk in.  I am simply a vibration now.  I no longer have form and body, but I still have love for the physical domain.

There is a lot of aggression happening in many parts of the world.   When you say your corner of the world, do you mean where we live in Victoria here?

Yes.  Not just your city, but a city that brought upon illness to my people, but the entire coast.  We walked these lands and many now walk them and do not cherish them.

Are you aware of the uprisings in BC against the the oil pipelines?

Yes.  Yes.

What message can we post on the blog for your people and all of the people here on the west coast?

Your world is changing at the hand of mankind.  Yes, change is a constant force upon this physical plane. The natural force, the natural changes that are occurring have been brought about by mankind.

Do not be proud of them, for they should not bring you pride.  It is time to stand bare feet upon your land and hear its voice.  For too long it has not been heard and it is speaking now.