It is as important to be sad as it is to be glad

Lynn writes:

I am going through major changes in my life. Divorce, new job, loss of beloved pets. It all seems to be happening to me at once and I feel alone and sad. What should I be paying attention to now to help make a brighter more positive future for myself

The guide’s response:

Your simple statement shows your desire to have a brighter, more positive future–for your life has not been without positives.  Know that there are elements of learning in growth and these are not necessary negative.  Don’t be afraid to be sad.  Don’t be afraid to feel that your life sometimes feels like it is stalled.  These are necessary moments.

If this lasts a great deal of time or if you have destructive moments of wondering what to do with your life, then you need to reach out for help.  But know that it is as important to be sad as it is important to be glad.  Embrace all of it.  There was great learning in the loss of the partner, and the little pet–and you gave a great deal. So these are positive things even though you might at the time feel this is the worst thing possible.   And you did embrace it and you are moving forward, so there is no doubt that you shall find a positive happy future.  But it will come with some other things that will cause sadness, for that is the way of growth.  But you will still embrace it, blessed one.


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