It is all beautiful

A recent conversation between a high guide and three people about other parts of our universe.  Our words are in blue.  The guide’s words are in black.

The guides tell us that we are here on this planet to learn and to evolve spiritually. I am wondering if the same thing is taking place on other planets in the cosmos.  If so, are any of them doing a better job of taking care of their planet than we are and are there any that are more technologically advanced and will we ever be able to connect with them?

Yes, there is life on other planets.  There will not be contact for a long time yet. There are many different, yet very similar, but different spheres of learning, we had to keep you separated.  It wasn’t a good thing to be all very close, as you know, in the many returns of the civilizations upon the physical domain that they often have very violent roots.  It would not do, as we learned, to have them too close.  There are many. I am not in control of these things.  I have knowledge of it, but of course there is a greater wisdom.  I am a vibration that moves these vocal chords that has had many physical existences as you very well know. Are they doing better?  They are doing.  Are they singular in their…?  No, they are more complex than many in the physical domain here.

So, is there no point in learning from them?  Well….  It seems we can’t even learn from our own mistakes.

I recently read a quote that said the surest sign there is intelligent life in the universe is that they haven’t tried to contact us.  (laughter)

The blinking lights that I saw in the sky, are they man made?

Yes.  But it does not mean they were not magical for you.  Many man made things can be signs for others.  They don’t always have to have all of the intrinsic growing important parts for it to be a positive thing.

Are the spheres all different vibrations?

Yes.  That is what it is all about, vibrating at different rates to make solid, to make gas.  Is it not fascinating that I be not of body but I can move these vocal chords?  It is because I am a vibration and I too am still learning.  I am learning how to communicate without a body.

Is it more beautiful where you are?

No, it is all beautiful.  I do not have eyes.  Eyes, although they limit the focus they give you a colour that have a form that I know only by vibrational knowledge.  Touch is an amazing thing.  Do you know how many million nerve cells carry those impulses to your brains to communicate a gentle touch or a kiss?  Oh yes, I can walk through walls or move through your body to balance it, but I cannot feel a kiss anymore.  Do enjoy it.

Yes, we do need to be reminded of that.

When people get the buzzing feeling, what is that?

That is usually the entities that surround you wanting to get through all at once with a very strong affirmative.  Do it!  Jump!  Laugh!  Yes, a great creation the physical body.

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