Is it possible to cure a genetic illness?

Rebecca asks for understanding of DNA and how we are in control of it. Can we cure ourselves of genetic illnesses?

Dearest Rebecca, has a very strong conscious understanding and a very deep, distinct need to control her body and a great strong fear of how others view her or judge her. In answer to her question about the DNA, that that is present in the body can be affected by the belief system of the conscious mind and so it can be altered and changed. The spiritual DNA or vibrational code can affect it as well

Spiritual DNA, that’s an interesting way of looking at it.

That’s what your vibrational code is. It is the sum of who you are, the many lifetimes. All learning has a vibrational equivalent. And this is what is contained. Unlike genetic DNA, spiritual DNA or genetic code does changes within the body, constantly.

As we learn and grow.

Yes, and your physical DNA can reflect this ability as well. It can grow and heal and change. And it can be limited and harmed as well. As to cure, that’s an interesting word. Is that a belief or is that a state of being? Trust. Understand what one is and where one is in life. Be that that you are. All of these things affect the condition of the state that your body is in. What it presents to you; what you need to learn from it. Every cell of the body has a voice. Listen to these voices. All conditions can be created. It is up to you. It has often been said that you are the captain of your ship. It is true. You control the learning and the growing, the choices.

And how do we listen to our cells?

The cells have ways of speaking. Their voices are often….well, there is a transmission of pain, an inability to use a part of your being. Its voice might sometimes be masked by several different things, from the eruption of a sore to cells taking on huge amounts of fluid to protect the body. Cells have been known to release huge amounts of fluid, to not absorb energy or nutrition in order to be heard. Do you see what I speak? See the body as
a great receiver, receptor, and transmitter of energy and information. Ask your body how it might speak to you and then listen. You may actually get words or you may get an uncomfortable feeling, a tingling of the skin, a lifting of the hair upon your body. Many different ways, but you must seek your own truth, find your own way. Judge it not by the measure of others, but let it speak to you in your own way. Develop your own truth, and through this communion, you will hear its voice.

Every being that has created a state of illness knows it. If you are very confused by that that is spoken to you, then accept what you know about yourself. Do not be willing to accept others opinions. Judge as you feel you be. If you are very afraid, then address that. For therein lies the answer.

And for Rebecca, she worries that if you feel you can heal yourself from something and are unable to do it, then you might feel like a failure or that you are not spiritual enough.

This idea comes from her own judging. There is no failure in life. Yes, there can be a state of “no growth” should you choose to be in it. But all things create growth. There is no failure. Should the being’s condition proceed, is what you want to answer. If by all means, the being has tried and still this condition continues, is this state a failure? No. It simply means it has not yet been addressed. The truth of the being has not yet been addressed. Some conditions are created for growth. If the growth is addressed, then it is healed. I think your understanding of healing and ours are very different. Healing is the enlightenment of the spirit in body–to understand itself, its place in being, its purpose therein. Address this rather than any disease. Address the state of the body.

Any further words for Rebecca?

To love herself. This is a beautiful being. She loves to bring pleasure to others. Tell her to judge herself not so harshly, to understand her being. She has lived in a toxic atmosphere in her early life and it is hard for her to be free of this. She should speak to herself of light and love. She finds great joy in being. Allow herself to do this.

She wants a simple answer; there isn’t one. Tell her that the DNA can be altered. Tell her that she can be that that she wants to be. Tell her that fear often motivates her and a distrust in trusting. Should she carry with her a pain from the past, she can try to address that pain. There is no one answer to anything but there are many answers to all. We are not trying to be vague but she is unique and wondrous hi her own way. She wants to believe. Tell her to put down her guard and believe. Tell her to be that beautiful naïve child that she is. And there is nothing wrong with that; there is nothing “failure” about it.

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  1. Rebecca November 27, 2007 at 11:44 am - Reply

    Thank-you very much for taking the time to answer my question. Rebecca

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