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Linds – Hello Guides. It has been a difficult 3 years for me in terms of health, spirituality, love, and career. At times I feel very hopeless and lost because I am not happy with my current situation. I have been trying so hard to move forward but there have been so many obstacles along the way. All I want is to find inner peace and happiness as I grow older. I believe that if I’m spiritually healthy, the rest will fall into place. As of late I have been trying very hard to reconnect with my spirituality, but it has not been easy. My question for you is what are the names of my spirit guides? The only time I sense them is when I occasionally astral travel at night. But during the day when I feel the worst, I want to believe they are with me and able to connect with me. Thank you so much and God bless you all.

My dear one, you feel very alone.  Your belief system you hold very tenderly within you. It would be wonderful for you to find some beings to talk of what you believe, and make it more concrete for you. You hold some things so dearly for fear of it being attacked. You don’t get to exercise it enough. And YOU know about exercise. The more you exercise something, the stronger it becomes and more readily available to you.

You have astral traveled many times. And I know it’s much easier to talk with your angels at night than it is in the light of day. They are still there – quietly, waiting to help. You ask me for information that only you can get. You see you must do the bidding of them and they will speak in turn. They may choose not to use words that your ears will hear, perhaps they’ll be words that your skin will feel or your heart will feel a sense, or perhaps it will be in the form of an object, creature, a song. That you must develop this relationship. It is yours and yours alone. You are completely responsible for your relationship with your beings, your spirit guides. Perhaps you must start by first acknowledging them out loud to others you know.  Don’t be afraid.  Worry not of other people’s judgement. Understand of what your need is – to feel one with them.

Bless you my child. You are not alone.



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