Information about a self-absorbed ex

Momo writes, “My ex is threatening me again. Is it noise or is he convincing himself that his demands are fair?  Is he following through on his threats regarding the children? Should I continue on the way I have been going or should I be taking more steps to protect us? Is he stealing my business project? Do any of the people he is working with in his new venture see his ability for cruelty and deceit or lack of conscience and empathy or have their egos blinded them all?

Dearest Momo, you must continue as you have been doing in love and light for this is who you are.  It irritates him very much for he wants to make you as unhappy as he is.  His choices have been self centered  only.  He does not think about the children, other than a weapon against you.  Worry not dearest, but always be wise as to his state of being when they are with him.  Do not leave them with him when he is in a state of self-absorption.  He cannot feel as you do since has not given birth to as you have my dearest one.  He does not show this side of himself to other beings that are in his life.  It has always worked to frighten you; and now that you are not threatened or frightened, it makes him more angry.   But he truly will not harm anyone–only himself–until he makes choices to heal his own being.  Choose for yourself and the welfare of your beautiful children and worry not.

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