Information about a husband and father who has passed on

Darlene writes, “My husband Ken passed away March 29, 2010, we love and miss him terribly . Towards the end he was not able to communicate with us. Is there any message from him to my daughters and me? Is he nearby, as I have not felt his presence since the night he died. Thank You,”

Shock and loss are a vibrational protection of the being.  You do live in this state of shock, although he is in a place of great learning.  There is nothing to worry about.

The communication will resume when she least is expecting it.  But know that the heart connection is never changed.  As to the daughter, there is some concern.  Be always very aware of seeing this one.  There is a past life experience that is being balanced now. You might call it promises being completed.  And it was so that he would not be there, what began the promise with this one.  Do not be afraid.  All is moving forward and there is great love.

Will the mother understand what daughter you are referring to?


So the promise that he should be her father and leave early in her life?


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