Information for one wishing to earn money from the land

imgresScooterish – I would dearly like to leave my job tomorrow and be at home if there wasn’t so much debt. We are working toward farming and earning money from our land. I know little about growing food and wonder if soil conditions are good in our field. And what might it need. I am toying with raising meat birds as well. We cannot afford financial failure. Can you help?

Dear blessed one, your land is beautiful. It is very good. It has a certain amount of drainage needed. But if you could dig the drains and drain away some of the moisture that has been held there you will find that your land has great nourishment. It will need a few seasons of replenishing: fall rye, alfalfa, perhaps even a crop of tubers. Turn it in, build it up, and most definitely you will harvest wonderful food on it.

You’ve always wanted to be that happy being of light, tending the land and the children, tending the animals. You like the thought of being close to nature. Unfortunately you’ve felt alone a lot of this time, but that is changing. There is great movement at hand dearest and some changes are very close to happening, that will help you. Do not change anything at the moment. Stay doing that that you do, knowing that each step is important. Love, though you are a great being that can always find something else to be the interest of the moment, love is your greatest motivator. And you convey it to others. In time you will teach many.

I know your frustration and your want to get out from under the burden. But see it not as a burden but rather as a hand held out. It has helped you, and so just keep it in balance. There are great changes at hand for you my dear. Do not doubt at this time. Proceed exactly as you are. It is a time of great growth, great choices, but I trust in you to know that what you are doing is right.

Of course you are frustrated with that work, it has nothing to do with who you be. And your great compassion wants to change all of that. But you must put your energy where energy is needed—and that is at the home front right now. Keep the job, you can even cut back if you wish, but it creates a stability that you need and desire at this time. You’ll know when to let go. It is not too far away. Bless you, my child.

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