How to love when people hurt us?


When we try to be unconditionally loving and non-judgmental towards people, how do we set boundaries when people are infringing upon us?  If people speak of us negatively, or are doing things to hurt us, sometimes we have to say “no, stop” how do we do that and still maintain the love?

By loving them.  They cannot harm you. They will only harm their own being by their desire to dull your light or change your path. Even though they may make a lot of noise and gain a lot of attention, eventually the truth will be known. Those that make a great deal of noise attacking others are often seen as simply seen as negative beings and they lose their power and strength.

If you are doing what you need to do in your truth and you are holding the love and the light in your heart and someone attacks you, the greatest protection is to love them.  Offer no violence, no reaction to their negativity.  They may even get more angry if you love them.  Love them even more.

Your world has difficulty hearing love when it is in a time of great fear and where the fear is bolstered up through all of the different means and understandings.  It is often thought that love is somewhat lesser.  Love is greater and stronger than all energies.  If you were to approach all situations of difficulty firstly with “I love you.  I am sorry, forgive me but I love  you.” It dilutes any difficulty.  I am not saying that they won’t still try to make a lot of noise and angst but you do not change who you be. And you can continue to be that that you are.

Is it okay to cut them out of your life?

That is entirely up to you, my dear.  They will soon become too frustrated to be near you if you simply love them and do not feed into the negativity, or join them there where they be.  And you know what I speak of for you have been a chameleon many times and have walked the walk of others simply just to make peace, but it has left you feeling unlovable.

And now that you have known and you understand who you be, you no longer have the desire to change your energy to meet another’s, but want to meet them in a balanced whole way, one to another, accepting and not judging, but simply loving.

By loving someone does not mean that you accept what they be, or how they are, just love them.

Even if it is from a distance?

Yes, my dear.

As long as my heart is full I know I am on the right path?

Yes.  I thank you for asking.  Bless you my beautiful beings.

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  1. Mary November 20, 2013 at 6:34 pm - Reply

    Hello Guides.
    Thank you once again for this magnificent service. I am wanting to write,but so afraid. Is their something I can do to help lessen this unbelievable overwhelming fear? Why do I keep smelling toast? Am I correct in what I believe is going on at my work? Help me please to stay in my power and the light of all that is.

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