Human beings

We learn lessons here inside out and upside down through many lifetimes.  Is there a point where we can say okay I’ve learned it but want to do it again.  Can we do a lifetime again?  This may be a silly question.

No, my dear, not at all. You are present in the physical world as long as your spirit can be contained in a physical domain.  What that means is each element of growth and learning heightens your vibration to the point where it no longer can manifest a physical body or if it does, it can only stay for a short period of time.

You see, your physical world and your spirit create heat energy.  The energy in your body can be sustained for a certain amount of time, you sustain it. When it no longer can  be, in other words, you have learned all that you have needed to, and usually this state does not happen until you are very weary of returning to the physical world. You see, when you dwell in spirit, when you have left your body, you are still connected to the physical world. You still love it and all of the beings in it but you have no difficulty thinking of all of the wondrous things you have done and have yet to do.

And even if you return for a small time to share the love with one being, you have that choice.  You may have even heard of beings that have left in a flash.  They could not stay longer, they needed to be in spirit.

So, you get to be human in a physical body for as long as you need to. But you will be human, a part of you in spirit forever.  Some beings have had thousands of lifetimes and a couple have had one.