How do you tune into your guides?

I have a question about my personal guides and about guides in general.  Do we have the same guides with us throughout our entire experience here on earth or do they change.  Are we ever without guides?  And I wonder if you could say a little bit about how we can to receive clearer messages from them and establish a closer relationship with them.


You always have at least one.  They may come and go.  They help you in and they help you out.  They have the job of helping you to grow by helping you make choices that are right for your growth.  But they are of course not allowed to take away your growth by giving you a whole lot of unnecessary information.  (Perhaps I have done my share of that.)   But I will say that you have a very delightful being  with you, very much from the early colonies in the Northern United Sates.  So you probably have a desire to have a very simple energy. Very often when a guide has been with you, their energy rubs off on you.  So you might feel comfortable living a quiet, peaceful life, maybe doing things rather singularly without having a lot of people around you. That guide was very much of that time.

How to tune into your own guides?  Talk to them.  Talk to them.  Develop a pattern that is right for you.  And each is as individual as you are.  You might find that that you will…hear a song.  You might ask for some confirmation and see a bird.  Or you might actually want whole big sentences and sit down and (automatic) write out the answers.  There are many ways to the one. There are many ways to be in tune with those energies around you.


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