How do I open to spirit?

Listen to your inner voice. Listen to all voices. Hear their truth. Open your heart. Hear them. Feel how your being responds to it. Are you uplifted? Are you uncomfortable? Become aware of all that surrounds you. Your body, this magnificent tool through which you learn so much – it can and will help whenever you ask it to.

Hear all beings’ truth, quietly distilling what they say and do. Ask yourself if there is something in it that is your own truth. And begin to realize that you are probably quite familiar with your own. You may realize that part of you is not listening to something in this already developed truth. You now have free will to change it and to grow. Adopt only that what feels right within you. Listen to all. You may find the wisest words in the most unexpected places – it may be a tabernacle, it may be a market. Do not judge or look to one form or another. You can find teachers in many forms. Let your heart be open and it will guide you. Your conscious mind is a wonderous thing but sometimes it has already aopted confining ideas. You adopted thse ideas to help you grow. But now, like training wheels, they must be released. Growth and change is at hand but the journey into the unknown can be a bit scary. Soothe this needy consciousness with love of self, spiritual openness and patience. Listen with your whole being. Ask to be shown and it shall be.

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