I would like to know if you could give me some insight in how to help my friend Kim.

Oh, blessed one, you already do very well.  I know it causes you great disturbance with that that occurred with your blessed friend. You will feel a myriad of different emotions from this one and the best and most wondrous thing that you do is hold the space with love.  That you simply be, see and hear this one is supportive in every way.  There are many avenues and tactics this being could take but only if this being wishes to. There are fruits, there are medicines, there are different enzymes.  But your greatest role is to hold the hand, to create laughter as you often do, to be present.  You will find the greatest gifts you can give another being is to see them and hear them.  Bless you my child.

Your friend is very confused about some things but do know that in the deepest part it is known.  You should not be so shy and speak openly about how much you have helped this one as well.  Others should know this.   I know you are not a person to boast of their own being but it is very important for them to know how much and deeply you care.  There are many that surround this one that do not have the welfare of this being in their deepest regard.  They see her just simply as another number. You will help in this way.  You will maintain the honour and respect that your dear friend should have.  

There are many changes ahead for you blessed one, do not fear them. You yourself put your needs very much to one side. Try to celebrate you.  You have walked a path of honour.  You have every need to celebrate and you should do so.