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I have a questions from Kristine that relates to a discussion we had about what has been going on in the world, in the USA and the economic and political system and the answer indicated that it was time for the ancient ones to step forward. Kristine asked how we can gather or motivate old souls to step forward.

Well there is such sensitivity present in your physical world right now. Be careful not to cause beings to feel “less than” or “greater than.” Do not label one being greater than another. But all beings…. Well, judge not where they be, but that all must now state their truth. But there does come a time when it is important to hear, to put to words. For often in that process one truly begins to understand what one truly feels, the state of one’s true growth. Often beings are walking about with a truth that fit them a long time ago, but no longer does. If they put words to it they will hear themselves (hopefully). They will hear their words and realize they no longer believe this; that they have moved and changed. For growth is constant. And the growth in your physical world is quite amazing at this time. Judge not in one belief over another—only that it is time for the truth. Be prepared to hear all. Many times you judge that you only wish to hear that that is your truth. When in fact you must accept that that is truth for others. For they be where they need to be for their growth. It is true that many can grow in body in a lifetime. That is what has occurred. That is why at present in your world there are a great number of very evolved beings and a great number of very young. But they are not less or greater than. They be. They are growing, being. The ancient ones want to know how to bring their message forward. They are.


Yes. Think not that they will all be in ancient bodies—they are all range of ages. Many are what you might consider an older state of evolution physically to match the spiritual growth, but some are in very young bodies. So listen to all. Listen. Perhaps this is the greatest thing to tell all people in your world at this time—to hear, to listen without judgment. But listen with an open heart and in the light and understanding of love. And hear the truth. Find and seek your truth. Each individual must do this. No one being can do it for all. They can help, show the way, open the door. But it is the choice of each being to step through that door, to pick up that that they must do, to seek their truth, to live it, to be it.

Take not of the responsibility of causing growth for all beings—for you can only cause it for yourself. If your promises in growth involve the helping and teaching of others, then it shall be. And you shall find yourself time and time again in the position of speaking to many. But speak with love. Encircle each word with the vibration of love and caring and trust. This is how it shall be heard and seized, and it shall heal and cause growth for others. Be not words of fear, be not words of judgment—love.

Thank you.

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