Helping a mother-in-law to heal from anger and negativity

Kristine asks about her sister-in-law who fell accidentally while climbing and died. Her in-laws are feeling bitterness towards the woman because she chose to leave the marriage and Kristine would like to help them see the bigger picture in this sad circumstance.

This blessed woman wants all beings to have no pain.


Yes. And it is very disconcerting for her to feel the pain that they are in. She cannot be responsible for their growth—but she can state that the negativity is not acceptable to her. In her gentle way she can do this so that while she is there with them she can maintain her acceptance, and her love. This in-law you speak of, the mother, has great growth to do to understand all of her feelings. It is a mixture of guilt, sadness, and unfulfilled love within her that creates her need to put labels and points reasons for her to put anger. But it is for herself that she has…she has been very self-destructive in her anger. Perhaps this joyfully beautiful woman could speak to her that it is only herself that she hurts through her anger. That she must think about healing, but must first begin to heal her own being…and then in time her feelings towards others. Often beings point fingers and direct reasons for their inability to move forward as being another’s fault, when truth be it comes from their state of being.

Tell her to love her, and in time perhaps she shall grow. But it must be her choice.

It’s always difficult.


Thank you.

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