Help for a woman experiencing chest constriction and anxiety

Krista says when she’s relaxed she often gets the feeling that her chest is constricting and she can’t breathe. She doesn’t think it’s physical, but more a spiritual or conscious thing. She feels a hand resting on her shoulder when no one is there. She felt this in chapel and she is often feeling anxious. She would like some direction to help with this.

Oh blessed child of light you have always been so wise–in many ways, so old. You have parented yourself in many ways. It is true, this pressure you feel is anxiety. You often feel that too many things for you to deal with, to be controlled by you. When in truth, you truly desire to control nothing. This comes from the very deep part of your large intestine, in fact dear. There is a great struggle and often pain within it. Oh my blessed one, to release these burdens of many that have been with you. This is where you must direct your energies. To release the burdens upon your body. This hand you feel on your shoulder is in truth the blessed being’s light who only wants to help you, to ease you, to be on your side. Everyone in your circle of friends thinks you are so tough and confident and able and they look to you for the answers. But who do you look to for the answers, dear heart? You are very much in need of some time to heal yourself. You’ve had many, many lifetimes. You have done many things for many other beings. It’s important to take time now to understand what is your truth. Where does your trust lie?

You have been holding yourself together under the belief that whatever you wanted you must create. In many ways this is true. By positive thinking, by believing in the greatest good, this is manifested. But you’ve always had to think that the power of it only came only from you–not from a source that was connected to you and was greater then you. To this greater source, take some time. Channel light through your being. Open up the small of your back (not physically, but spiritually). Open this well and drink deep of the energy of light and love. Seek out the truth that fits for you. Whether you find it in a book, in a friend, in the babbling of some wonderful brook that you want to sit beside. Listen to find your truth. I believe you see it in nature all around you. You know the power and strength of strong animals.

Little one, blessed one, seek to find healing for your being. You are not imagining the power that surrounds you. You have great strength. You are an ancient being. You just are overwhelmed now in the physical world and have tried to stifle the needs of others. Think about yours at this time. Think about treating yourself as the finest newborn baby. Feed yourself well, nurture, get enough sleep. Find joy, laughter–these are medicines of the soul. Do not be responsible for the growth of others; you can only be responsible for your own.

You are a blessed one; a very wise one.

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  1. Andrea February 27, 2009 at 6:28 pm - Reply

    Thank you for asking (and answering!) this question! I have been experiencing the very same symptoms – anxiety, pressure on my chest, tightness in my stomach and shortness of breath. I was recently told that this is a symptom of the changes in our energies and that high vibrating people who are not living in the present moment are the ones experiencing this. What are your comments on this?Thank you!Andrea

  2. angelique February 28, 2009 at 3:45 am - Reply

    i have been married for 8 years to my high school sweetheart and we have 2 wonderfull children. i have for a very long time now not felt a connection to my husband anymore, even though he provides me with anyting i want and is a very good man. two years ago due to family drama i tried to commit suide and a working colleague came to my aid. a relationship started even though we live more than a 1000km from each other. he would phone me everyday and we would constantly sms each other. he has been married for over 20 years and according to him it is a demanding unloving marraige. we both at times felt like soulmates.we were very loving and concerned over each other.on many occasions he asked me to leave my husband for him, i would not as yet, because my children are still too december his wife learnt of our affair. he choose to go back to her without any explanation to me.I am hurt and confused about why this all happened, were we soulmates? do the guides see him coming back into my life?thank you so much for this wonderfull site and in helping so many lost and confused people out there. Many love and blessing to all.

  3. Krista March 2, 2009 at 1:12 pm - Reply

    Thank you very much, it gives me great peace to know and it is advice I will take

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