k writes:

Hello dear Guides. What is the significance of the two d’s connection?  An unfortunate event from my standpoint but necessary for the second one, perhaps or all of us? Any further advice on our situation at all? Any insight as to his feelings/intentions? many thanks and much love.

The guide’s response:

Oh dearest one, I wish to tell you that you have not yet healed from this.  Take time now.  I know a great deal of this is known and you are trying to rebuild, to understand.  But you still carry a great deal of this that is unclear to you.  And you are blaming yourself for a great deal that is not helpful to you.  Be willing to choose to forgive, to love.  The wonder, the creation of growth is an amazing thing. The situation created growth so nothing was negative even though there was a great deal of pain. Trust, my dearest one, for you shall find peace and you shall understand. It is not over yet.