Guides evolve too

lightIs there a hierarchy in spirit where the guides exist?

Hello.  We too are each of our own stage of development.  There is your dimension, there is our dimension and there are many more.  Those that first cross over, not those destined to go back for further lifetimes, but those that have built their vibrations and are incapable of living in the physical being, then become a guide.  At first, still very tied to the earth, memories are still very strong.  And so we evolve higher and higher to what you would call universal guides, tao.  A very high, a very strong, their vibrations could blind you if you were to use your physical eyes but would never blind your heart.  And then they dwell back in mother energy for some time before then going on to the next dimension.  This is just one very small part and you begin at the beginning of a new dimension as a new babe even though you may have learned many dimensions eventually to come full circle you are one then, again.  Your energies are then multiplying themselves and this is something far too complex to understand.  And you become mother energy and thus give birth to new souls. 

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