Guidance for being that that you are

Your answers are very beautiful, and very helpful. The spirit guides so often speak advice to “be that that you are.” Do you have any guidance on how we can go about making that happen?

Understand that the being that you are is greater than the body that you created to present you. Understand that as soon as you decide who you are, you are not that being any longer. That you are constant change, that you are…well, a miracle.

Be the miracle that you are. Be the limitlessness. Be unlimited. Be ever-changing, ever-embracing radiance. Be the highest that you can be–that is being. When you go to make a choice ask “What does the body tell me?” And if the heart races with excitement, or if it feels heavy and sick with anxiety, then you know that your choice should be for the highest. When you go to do any action, be sure that the action is the greatest that you can do.

Be not negative in your choices—but understand that negative often creates growth. And if a negative thought comes through, do not be angry with it. But ask yourself: Why? What is the underlying growth that I need to see here? Why has this great emotion come forward (through the use of this physical body in this physical domain) to teach me? What do I bring this to my awareness for? See that being as the great teacher within you. Call it God, call it higher self—it is you. You are an amazing, brilliant fracture of energy. That knowledge, a wealth of information, that is being that that you are.

You spoke about sometimes we have a feeling of anxiety or dread about something. And there are times when we have to go through that to do, I think, something that would be for our growth.


How can we tell when….?

Then ask the body why this is created. Do not be afraid of emotions for they are great tools to learn. In your physical world they have been given a personae. But you have manifested every one of them. Not you, in particular, my dear.

Yes, I understand.

But they have purpose. When they are overwhelming then there is a great need to stop all and seek an understanding. Your world offers many ways and forms, many truths. Seek yours. Seek that that is right. Does it mean that there should not be pain? No. There will always be pain in the physical world. It is a great tool to learn through. There is a confusion in your understanding of pain. But often it comes from the state of evolution of the being. So judge not—and be. Be.

Thank you. I will try to do this.

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