Growth in relationships and choices

Anni has a few questions.  She writes, “I know that each relationship I am attracting is a opportunity for growth. I am in the midst of letting go of a man that has issues with being with one person at the time. He is adopted and I don’t think he has been dealing with all of that. I am not able to carry him anymore since he has been hurting me on an emotional level. I want to know why I attracted this person in to my life. I also would love to know if I should do the application for my Master’s in Counselling/Psychology this year so I can start next September at the university or should I concentrate getting back on my feet financially? Thank you for your help.

All those things are true, my dearest.  You should most definitely seek what you feel will give you a good status and learning in your life and also freedom from all burdens.  This is not one or the other.  I know you see this as taking on more debt.  But you are a wide and wonderful being and you just can’t narrow down your field to one thing.

As to this being, yes, he has attachment difficulties and is very afraid to just be with one being.  And it is true he feels there was so much that was hidden from him and there are things yet to be known about as there were lies told to him early in life–and he’s never gotten past it.  You say you let this one go, but in your heart you are still very attached.   You ask why have drawn this one?  It is because you are a healer and you are a romantic.  You love to help people and love people.  Will you attract another being?  Yes, my dear, but a much stronger one is coming to be with you.  You are doing very well and do not be sad.  You have done exactly what you needed to do for this one and you have spoken such words of kindness and he has grown in leaps and bounds, but not enough yet for you my darling.  You do well.

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  1. AJ Adams August 18, 2010 at 8:24 am - Reply

    My question is about my guides and my psychic abilities. I have been trying to establish contact with spirits on “the other side” for some time now. No one that I know that has passed from this life, but people who are currently with me such as spirit guides or angels (is there a difference?). I speak out loud my intention. Then I get quiet, I meditate, and truthfully, I usually wind up drifting off to sleep, but I haven’t as of yet been able to establish a connection I can recognize in my awake, conscious world. I wish I could. I want to know them. Is this kind of connection possible for me? Do I have other psychic gifts I haven’t yet tapped into?

    Once I had a fleeting vision of a man working on the railroad. He waved to me. Is he one of my guides, or was this just another fleeting dream?

    Thank you for your help, I do appreciate you. Have a wonderful, happy day.

  2. Nancy D'anjou August 18, 2010 at 4:02 pm - Reply

    Dear Guides, sense I got back from my trip to India I cannot stop thinking I should of stay longer . I cannot stop thinking of selling my condo and go away again traveling . I have done some work on myself doing some meditation loving myself being patient with myself but the desire to go away again is still inside of me .It is so strong.I would like to go to Spain and go to India again finish to see what I did not see and explore and finish my journey in Nepal…I do not feel any desiire for things anymore owning a home or having furnitures and stuff.I know now that those things are never going to make you happy and fulfil your heart. I do not feel home in the city where I leave now and where I leave do not bring me home .
    Thank you my dear guides.

  3. The lady August 18, 2010 at 4:08 pm - Reply

    I wish to move forward in my meaningful work but do not see a way financially. How can this open up? So grateful for your higher perspective.

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