Donna asks if you can shed some light and understanding on the big picture of her family. She writes, “Are there still ongoing promises or learning within the family I was born into. Heartfelt thanks.”

Oh my dearest one, you have to stand back and ask, “Why did I choose this one to come in to?”  But you did.  And you know why you did–to teach, to help, to show that there is a way to be, to live.  For the growth is all up to them.  It is their choice, their growth, their learning.  If they choose not, so be it.  It is not yours to wear or to burden your being with.

Time and distance is not a bad thing when you are so overwhelmed by all of that that has occurred in your family.   Love them and send them white light and ask that they find what they need to make a choice to grow.  Love them in this way.  As to what is ahead my dear, there are many variables and choices involved.  But know that nothing will disappear overnight.  The problems will change and growth is at hand.  Bless you my child.