Grieving a beloved brother

sunrise1KBC – my brother’s passing.  We had such hopes for a transplant but it did not come in time. My beloved brother passed away Sept 8 in Toronto. I am struggling to make sense of his death so young when he had so much to give. Would greatly appreciate insight from the guides as how he is doing in this transition and if he can sense me sending my deep love and appreciation to him.

No, blessed one, his path was perfect.  He learned, he grew and is in a time of great learning now.  The pain of separation that you feel in the depths of your being does not exist in spirit.   He feels love, gratitude and thankfulness and a wonderful knowing of yet many things and opportunities to be.  You know that this one hears you.  You know that this one has always heard you.  And you are one of great communication.  You are doubting your communication to receive.   It is only in your grief, in your loss.

It is hard to understand that such pain in the physical world is such a rejoice in spirit.  As you await a new babe in your world we await the reunion where he dwells.  Worry not of him. Continue to speak,  continue to communicate for this one is close, not far away. I know you want to know why it didn’t work for him, but dearest, it did. Many grew, many evolved in an instance in his presence and you know that is what it is that he wanted that all beings should find their truth.  There are struggles of the physical but his spirit is pure and beautiful.

I am sorry, my dearest, you are in pain.  Each time you feel that pain, encapsulating your heart, I want you to melt it with the love that he is well and you did beautifully.  There are many things for you to do here.  Take time to grieve and with each day bring that amazing light and love into your heart knowing that you had a wonderful growth and experience with one very rare beautiful light.  Bless you my child.

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  1. KBC October 14, 2012 at 8:48 pm - Reply

    With deep appreciation for Jane, Joanna and your wisdom guides.

    Reading your message has brought tears to my eyes and softening to my already-raw heart. Imagine how our lives would shift if we lived more with this big-mind view that we are all learning and growing and that we do not need to fear death as an end, but see it as a continuation of our journey. Yes, I am heart-broken that I cannot see my little brother’s shining face, but I can feel his presence and hearing the guides words of love and insight have greatly eased my pain.

    And if you are dealing with a serious illness, have lost a loved one, or dealing with such sadness, I hope the burden of your pain will also be lightened. More and more it seems to me that we have within us everything we need to deal with whatever arises – even the prospect of losing a dear one, and facing our own transition. I saw this in my brother so strongly as he faced death without fear, became love itself, and let go into the light so beautifully.

    May all beings be happy and at their ease.

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