PoetryNancy – I long to be of service to others in a creative way and I want to be happy & healthy in my life at the same time. I start out excited about something but I lose enthusiasm and focus after a short time and can’t seem to finish things I start. I forget what I was doing. I sometimes wonder what is wrong with me.
 Thank you for any help you can give me. I appreciate it very much.

There is nothing wrong with you Nancy.  You’re bored with you. It happens when one is very intellectual. It also happens if you are moving backwards in any way. It is too familiar, you know the outcome and you don’t want to continue. Or, is it that you believe you know the outcome so you don’t want to continue with it?  Are you afraid of success?  Are you afraid that you will create something so amazing that you will follow it instead of following where you want to?

You are a complexity of different thoughts and different ways of being little one. You can help other people. And you can help yourself. But which one is first?  You really want to follow the path you’re walking on. When you were very young you wrote amazing poems. Go to that time; think about that time. Search out that being. There is nothing wrong with you.  Bless you.

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