Getting back to a place of oneness

Jane asks how she and her son can get back to the place where they were one.

It is a simple task, my dearest. And yet, in your conscious mind, so busy. You are always trying to work out things in the best way for all those around you. I know you often feel like you wish you could put your mind down for a while. That is almost what I am going to say to you. To still the conscious mind. To allow your heart to grow large and open. And when you are with him it is best not to speak words, but just to love, to touch. Every time a word of judgement or expectation comes into your conscious mind, still it, and think love.

You have experienced a great deal of difficulty and you have been very harsh with your own being. Thus, you are trying to understand why he is being harsh with you. You are but one with this being. You have come to teach each other to help each other. So do not judge. Touch. If you feel uncomfortable with this and when you are present, just open your being to him. Visualize a flood of warmth and love pouring out of your chest and surrounding him. See him with the soft love that you have for him and in time, he will feel it.

In time, he will be still within it. This is the place of wonder. This is as you were in spirit together. Don’t be angry with the complications of a life that has brought you to this learning. You chose it. Not out of harshness, or meanness to your being, but out of love. The growth is important. That in time, this child and you will use this growing to help others and yourself. Does that help you? I hope so my dearest.

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  1. Tammie Lee July 27, 2009 at 11:25 am - Reply

    I enjoy the way the spirits speak through you.

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