Fulfill your path by being that that you are

Chanti  writes:

My dear guides, you have been so kind and patient with me to guide me where my being should be. I don’t know how to thank you for your help and your sincerity. I am so very grateful. More and more I am listening to my voice and I am getting the understanding of my being . Some days are harder and I am trying very very hard like you know to see beyond the pain I know that only time and patient will tell.

Yes, you are right I do seek a partner a love and a deep beautiful love. I do not speak of this to my friends; I keep it inside of myself and I pray and hope that the time will come for both of us to meet. I do want to allow this to open. Can you help me know what I need to do to open if you think I have not done it yet–because this is my desire.  Thank you so very much.

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, you are trying very hard.  I want you to try to be more joyful for yourself.  Your life’s path is not about right and wrong, or rules and limitations.  It is a beautiful path.  Look at what you have done. You have grown. You are magnificent.  You are feeling calmer and more sure of yourself with each step.  You are now trusting in yourself and looking to your own strength for that that you need and listening to that great teacher that lies within.

You come from a time where there were many rules and regulations.  Parents had expectations and you were feeling not able to fulfill them.  No more of this!  Fulfill your own path by being that that you are.  Yes, there is a love for you my dearest.  There is nothing that you must do other than being yourself.  For this one too is working as you are.  You are amazing.  It shall be.

Do not fight against time as you have. It is not a barrier it is a gift. Bless each moment of growth.  And I bless you and thank you for choosing for your own being and you shall have your love.

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