Elizabeth asks if it’s possible for her to help her mom without being frustrated.  Elizabeth writes, “She cries for her family so I wished she would just go back to them and stay.  I’d miss her, but would be less painful.  I’m tired of her complaints. She has trouble relating to me, and I feel more disconnected each time.  I try to reach her but she seems in another world.  I know she loves me, but she relates to me like I’m a stranger.  
What you are feeling is your truth and that is alright and acceptable and you should not be feeling guilty or angry that you are unable to reach your mother or help her.
Do continue being open and loving but also make it very clear that you are not understanding her and that she is not communicating even though the opportunity is there.  The mother is being very blinded by all that is present for her.  She is not helping herself or her family at this time. She is being very self absorbed, but not in a healing way.
There are many ways that this occurs and hers at this time is very unbalanced.  Be not be angry Elizabeth, but be patient and understand that this mother is taking this time right now and you must do the same.  Take time to heal you.
Do not accept the guilt.  It is a very destructive energy.   Its purpose has long passed being needed in the physical world. There was  a time, but no longer.   It is as ancient as some of the physical attributes that are no longer necessary in your world.  Does it mean an end of these needs?   In some ways, some things are meant to no longer serve a purpose and must be let go.
I do not mean that you let go of your mother.  Hold within you the remembrance of the good and keep that alive for yourself.  This that you are seeing now, be patient with it.  Perhaps, perhaps she will come back.  It is up to her, not you.  Your compassion, your love, it is yours.  Hers right now is on hold and is being held by you, by an energy that is not part of you.  Love yourself my dearest and move forward.