Mellony writes:

I’d like to ask the guides how I can ask for forgiveness to the two people, Andrew and Tamara, that I love so much and that I have wronged. I am so disgraced and embarrassed and I desperately want to turn my actions into something positive for them, myself and any others that I have affected. If not having me in their lives is best for them, I can accept that; but, on the other hand, I miss them both so deeply. I want to make this right again, please help me know how to do so.  Thank you.

The guide’s response:

Firstly, my blessed one, the forgiveness you must ask for is of yourself.   You must first put yourself in the light and the love of God and know that you are perfect.  That in making what you might perhaps think as a mistake, you created growth.  And you have grow have you not, blessed one?  When you feel more able and stable then go for it with words that are kind and loving.  Act with forgiveness but do not expect any answers, not at first, not ever.  Allow them to choose whether they will or not, and you will also see growth at hand.  When you are ready my dear–but first you must forgive yourself.  Love yourself my child for you are a beautiful being willing to love.  Love yourself first my dear, forgive yourself.