Finding your own voice to help others in this world

Bobo writes, “How can i feel so unworthy all the time? I go out into the world and open my heart to all beings, from the insects, animals and trees to the little ones, the familiar ones and many many strangers who don’t really like it when you open your heart to them. There must be a bit of a good guy in me at least.  So many people don’t like me but I stay open and move forward. I feel deep hurt inside but would never blame it on anybody else.  I am not lost in a maze.

I know this is part of my path. I have observed there is definite growth from pain, and from it comes true compassion, but I never thought I could be so worthless.  It is becoming more intense all the time.  When I was younger I entertained many addictions that led me into some dark places.  Is this what has damaged me so deeply? If it is, I would like to help others who are battling with some of the same things. It takes alot of healing and patience to come back from these things and we don’t realize what we be doing.  I am forever grateful to any words you may pass on.”

Blessed, blessed one, you always attempted to bring joy to others while hiding your truth, your sad, sad heart.  You have come into the physical world out of place with many of those around you.  You came back before others that you were close to in previous lives.  So I am not surprised you often felt you did not fit.  But you are truly a blessed being, a teacher for your world.  You experienced many things.  You have tried to feel as though you belonged by using other things to numb the sense of not belonging, or feeling different.  In truth, dearest one, you are more real than many in your circle of beings.

It is known how blessed you be. It is known how much you have given and how others have grown by your presence.  To make peace with who you be, you must find that voice, that gentle teaching voice that has done it in many ways.  Put it out there, dearest one. For like all beings in your physical world, you are a world unto to yourself, one that must be shared with others.  For what lies within you is the wisdom that so many in your world need now.   You came out of sync with the others that you know very well.  That is why you are lonely, but you chose it to help the world you live in.  You understand this world you live in as you know all of its variables.  And so, like a ray of light in the darkness, your words, your voice, your manner of being will be there for many.  Write it, speak it, put it down that it might move out to them.  Do not hold back.  You, like many of the very wise ones, have come into this world out of sync with the natural order, but to be present for a choice to teach.  It is not an easy path, but it is a blessed one.  And stop fighting those that love you. Join in their fun. Let them see who you are.

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