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L – In my twenties I had a premonition about my sister’s death.  I was quite psychic before that and it has sort of shut down.  I would like to reconnect with that and I know it is possible but how do I do that?

The guide’s response:

Well dear, you say it is shut down but it truly isn’t.  You’ve just shied away from it.  For a part of you felt somewhat responsible for that but of course it wasn’t anything like that.  It was this grey conscious mind that has a very strange way sometimes of picking up the negative instead of the positive.  You already are very intuitive and you already know great things but are very shy to speak of them.   So how do you get bold about how you feel about it?  You start talking out loud and say I have this feeling about you, or I am having this impression.  It takes time to trust in it.

Sometimes, I believe very much in your world that there is too much fast thinking.  Do you know what I mean? You are not machines.  You are so busy trying to be like a machine or little computer, what are they called these wee computers? You are not one.  You are a hunk of grey matter in your brain and it is not meant to move at these ridiculous speeds.  You know, dearest one, the great thinkers of the world didn’t do it in two seconds.  Contemplation has a reason.  If you make a very fast decision it often isn’t the right one.  So slow it down and know that you will get there.

How do you this you say? Your whole society is going in a pace that is just ridiculous.  No one can remember tomorrow because you are so busy into next week.  Alright.  So you have to work out some ways of just slowing your mind down.  It might be a song or a little hymn or something to make you relax.  And most of the tension in your wee body happens to be across your shoulders.  So if we can get that part of you to relax just a wee bit and then start receiving. You see, spirit words are often in between that mind rattle that often goes on in your head.  Ask a question and leave a space for an answer to be heard.  It is there darling.  Thank you for asking.

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