JMK  writes:

Thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance.  I have taken measures to reduce my workload and draw boundaries around what I can offer to others.  It is difficult for me because I want to help where I can, but I must learn to let go of what I can’t.  It is so hard during these busy times.  My journey seems lately to be all about balance, and I pray to the Goddess for self-awareness and healing all the time.  I have been putting off this next question for too long because I fear the answer.  Do I have anything to worry about for the health of my friend, husband or myself?

The guide’s response:

Dearest dear one, why would I give you something more to worry about when you want to worry about everything?  Your dear, sweet conscious mind works overtime.  Peace is what you need.  Worry not about the paths of others and what they must learn and grow through, love them as they are.  When you feel this tightness around you and the need to control and have it all be stable, open your heart to them.  Pour the love into you and through you and to them.  It will give you a lift of light and love and cause your conscious mind peace.  Bless you my child.  Do not worry.  Trust.  Live in the light.