Finding clarity in your choices

Sandra writes:

I have a question regarding my life path. I have had many changes in the past two years – divorce, sale of our home, new relationships, health issues, and exciting new opportunities in my career. I have not been spending much time purposefully meditating or checking in with myself lately.

Am I making the right decisions? I have been working on trusting myself but I want to make sure I am making these big decisions for the right reasons. Can you tell me how I can further my spiritual growth and learn to listen to and trust myself more?

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, all the clarity you have asked for you have received–and now you question it.  Give yourself time and space to be whether you call it meditation, whether you call it  just a walk to breathe, to be, to find the confidence that you have worked so hard to develop, that space around you that you call yours.  Be in that presence.  Feel how your being talks to you when you present a question and do not doubt that that you have already worked to receive.  Be my child for you do know your truth.

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