Gathering strength when one is exhausted

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I am concerned about my tired, lethargic state. It takes me forever to wake up and on the weekends, I find I have nothing left in me. I would love to be active and exercise again. I’m clearly not absorbing iron. How can I heal this? Your iron levels are low. You need to eat [...]

Keeping yourself balanced and whole

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A guide suggests ways to keep spirit and body in balance. Every day say to yourself: I shall be balanced and whole. For you know very well when you go too far in any one direction with your health you become confused as to what is right for you. Walk in a balanced world in [...]

Experiencing pain in the body

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Moose – I have severe chronic pain in my back, neck, shoulders, joints; everything aches. I don’t sleep well because I toss and turn all night. I’ve had several tests done but nothing shows up and I’m currently waiting to see a specialist for more tests. Can you please tell me why I’m in such [...]

Finding calm and rest after an illness

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How do I heal the problem causing me to cough and have mucous. I think it is bronchitis. How do I heal this? It is keeping me housebound. Also, how do I stop the migraines from occurring? Thank you. Dearest one, your cough actually has no basis any more, but was set up by an [...]


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