Find your vibrational truth


Catherine – I am wondering about my career and business in the next two years.

You are very, very intuitive and aware of your world and you also have a fire burning in which to express this, or helpful but it is also distracting.  You often wonder if  you should focus just on one, but you don’t know which one.

Oh my dear, you have a wonderful presence and feel very comfortable with helping others and they in turn feel comfortable with you.  You are trying to build a format that you believe you should follow, but it is not yours yet.  You must find your vibrational truth and you will then move forward quickly.  And do not be shy to speak of who you be. So, it is often said that ancient beings such as yourself are not good advertisers.

The best advertising in the world is the actions that you take, the life that you live and the words that you speak for they travel far and wide more than anything.  Remember this.

There is a move for you that you are fussing about. Make peace with it. Bless you, my child.

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