Fight not the wonder of who you be

Smoking Mirror writes:

I would like to know why I have been experiencing an overwhelming sense of loneliness lately and when will this feeling end?  I seem to lose friends for one reason or another.  Additionally, I would like to ask the spirit guides the following: how I can have more friends in my life? And how can I attract more partners in my life with whom I can share true and meaningful intimacy?  Why is it so difficult for me to meet men?  What can I do to drastically improve my social and romantic life?  And when can I expect to see improvements?  Ultimately, I would like a husband and share a home.  Will this happen for me?  If so, when?  If possible, I would like the spirit guides to provide me with clear and detailed actions that I can take.  Thank you for your assistance.

The guide’s response:

You have attained an understanding, blessed one.  You have grown from being a very shy, gentle, quiet being to forcing yourself in to a position of being, instead of understanding that your being is one who loves to listen.  You’ve reversed roles and that is why you feel like a fish out of water or somewhat uncomfortable amongst many.  You are trying hard to be something you are not.

It is true that many beings write books on how to be and the newest thing is to speak about how you are in every inch of your being.  The natural flow is to allow others to be and yourself to be. So, be still. When you are with a friend encourage them to speak.  Encourage them to open and be with you.  Do not think  that you must fill every second with your words of how you be. Open.

You have created a façade that is rather closed. Open by simply allowing them in to your life.  You do not have to change who you are for you are perfect.  You do not have to present yourself or sell yourself in a manner that overwhelms a being.  Be, gentle one.  It is good that you are all different for it is what creates growth.

As to meeting a love, well, loving yourself first is important, being whole, being balanced and stop trying to be something that you are not.  In fact, there are three entities that have tasks or promises with you that you will be with. You choose when that time arrives, but rush it not.  Be present now.  Loneliness is just your desperate attempt to be something you are not. Instead, concentrate on your wonder, for you are wondrous.

You are truly a sweet and gentle being. You have many talents but you try and if you are not perfect in the first glimpse of it, try them again. Many things have been presented and if you feel you fail at them you quickly decide that they are not right for you. Try them again.

Do not throw away all that is wondrous of you.  Do not redesign the magic of you.  Firstly, begin by looking upon you, not your image, not the clothes you wear, not how your hair is. Who do you believe you are?  Do you ever stop and just think I like to be with people?  I like to just talk about gentle light things or have a little laugh or giggle about something.  That is a good part of you and that can actually help another being on their path. More than this, it helps you on your path.  I like to read books, not because I can have an opinion about it but because I like to read.  That is a good wondrous part of you.  For that tells you that you want to know about all things.

It is often said in your world that you must grow up.  No.  You grow greater. Do not lose that childhood. Even in the darkest childhoods there is great wisdom of knowledge that only can truly be understood with the distance of adulthood.  See it, be it my child. Fight not the wonder of who you be but love you. Put away the design of you and be the wonder of you.

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