Kelli was a member of the audience at our November event at UVic. She says that after asking about her spirit guides of the spirit that Jane had channeled she felt attacked, and she wonders what was the purpose of the harsh words. She says, “I was asked to stand up straighter. Put your shoulders back, speak up. It felt so aggressive. I can find some value in deciphering my feelings but could you clarify.”

Dearest Kelli, the being that spoke to you was one of great passion and great compassion, and wanted you to see how glorious you are. Wants you to let the world see this beautiful being that you are. That often you portray to others and allow them to take advantage of you. This being wanted you to hold and honour the being that you are and allow others to see wholly and fully that they could not take advantage of you.

Little one, many have presented power over you. In many ways not understanding that you have very great depth; that your energy is very, very worthy of being seen and by being carried, firstly by yourself. There was no negativity intended my dearest. There was great love that spoke to you. For this one sees the whole of you as do I. We wish for you to honour the being that you are and to present it as the finest. You, in many ways, dear, feel that you are not beautiful and perfect. But you are! So be that that you are: whole and wondrous. Your world definitely needs you. Allow them to see you.

Kelli, I am so sorry that you felt attacked by the guide’s words at our evening on October 23.  I hope this response will be of some help in clarifying things for you. Joanna