Feeling tired and uncertain of what to do

Elizabeth writes:

I don’t know what to do with myself. I want to choose something but I like so many things that I can’t seem to choose, especially for income. Also the thought of doing something tires me now, I’m tired, but also annoyed. I realise I can do and choose what I want, and always have, but now I don’t know how or what to choose. I just don’t know what to do with myself. I guess I should just tell myself off and get on with it?

The guide’s response:

Blessed being, do not be angry or frustrated with your being.  You say these words for you feel you are angry and you are tired.   It is not that you are tired; it is that it is familiar and known and is no longer a challenge to your being.  You have lived many times and you have remembered many things about that that was and that that is.  And many parts of the physical world are now a disappointment to you.

Things have not moved on as quickly as you thought they would have by now.  Be still.  And see that that is before your very being–an opportunity, an opportunity to walk and be present, to grow, to learn.  Something new?  No–but something with a greater depth.  Revisit all of that that has drawn you and seek a higher level of understanding of it.

When you are present with beings that you have helped in the past, take that knowledge but heighten it to a new understanding of the whole being. Not just the physical ailment, but the spirit’s voice.  I could say to you that you will start speaking in other ways with spiritual understanding, but I do not want to over burden you.  Speaking your truth must be your work. So revisit in a higher understanding.  For you are a different being than you were before, you are more evolved.  I know you would like to hear that you should go and work with those that are unable to find a voice.  But that isn’t the only thing you could do. You can be present in all manner of that that you have been present in, but in the new and heightened way.

You are starting to see many things that you wanted before are not important now, but the necessities of being present in the physical world. Many are very much in the same state of being. Create a conversation with others for this is what you need more than anything, to commune, to speak of how you see things now.  That perhaps if you walked in that that you were again now, you would have appreciated it more or understood its value to you greater.   You think a great deal but mostly with your conscious and not with your heart.  That is what I am asking you to do.  You are loved my child.  Be — and you shall find that peace.


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    Thank you ! :) I have lots to munch.
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