Feeling that life has no purpose

Anonymous writes, “I would like to ask for guidance. I have been feeling so sad, depressed, and apathetic lately. I feel that my life has no meaning or purpose, and I feel like I am wasting my life (and I understand that it is a precious gift to be here). I have no creative outlet for myself, and I think it would be healthy. I want to feel passionate and excited for life, but instead I feel hopeless and useless. I feel like I don’t even know myself well enough to know what I would like to do creatively or what I would feel passionate about. I know that you can’t just tell me what to do, but could you suggest any steps I could take to find my passions and purpose?

Also, I find myself fearful and obsessively worrying that I am not putting myself in a position to have children at some point in my life. Do I have a “promise” to have children with anybody? Am I leaving the door open for this?

I know I have asked a lot, and I am extremely grateful for any guidance you might offer. Thank you for this opportunity to ask for help, and much love and gratitude to Jane, Joanna, and all the guides who work with them.”

Oh, my blessed one.  You say you are feeling you do not have a purpose and yet you give such love to others through that beautiful light that you be.  Every being you touch, you lift.  I know perhaps you might think you are somewhat invisible, and thus without purpose.  Old beings, or ancient beings such as yourself, often feel that way.  And then they remember that yes, they have a physical lifetime to have the physical pleasures, to grow.

In many lifetimes you’ve had many children and it is natural for you to wonder where they are now.  There is a reason this has not occurred yet.  Do not blame yourself for this.   Do not think that the choices you have made have held up the works in some way, dear.  Everything is about growing and moving forward. And you are doing beautifully.

And, remember, those time times when you are feeling the least forward movement, are often when you are actually moving faster then you have any idea.  And know that your beings of light that surround you are holding you dearest, when you feel so alone.  Take a moment, breathe deep and remember that you are as important as every part of this physical dimension.  Your place and space you take up within it has great purpose.  As you look about you, you will see it.  I thank you for caring for others.  Now, look into the mirror and care for yourself.  And if you choose another mirror, see your reflection in the eyes of those that love you and you will know you have great purpose.

Remember, when you feel you don’t know your purpose, just take the next step and it shall be revealed to you, probably after you have completed most of it.
Blessed one, fear not. You are in the right place at the right time.  Do not fight against time.  Know that it is a blessing.  I love you my dear.

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