Freya asks about the intense supernatural experiences that have been overwhelming for her recently. She says, “I have heard people say that no harm can come from the otherworld but I have felt endangered and intruded upon. When I go deeper I end up feeling frightened. This is new form me. I have felt at home and safe in my intuitive capacity until now.” She says she has responsibilities to maintain and is having trouble managing because she’s overwhelmed by these experiences. She needs some direction.

This is a most blessed being, one that has evolved, heightened her vibration to the stage in which she can hear, and see, and be aware of other beings. There is nothing in spirit that can harm her. What she is feeling is the fear from beings that are not in spirit, but in a place of no growth; beings that have not crossed over. There, she must understand, she has all the choice to not tune in to those beings. She must surround herself in white light and simply say to the fear, “No. It does not dwell within me. It cannot be part of me. Go to the light. Be surrounded by those that can help you.”

Fear is the only way anything can harm you…and that is simply a vibrational state. She is feeling and perceiving the something that can harm her. It cannot. It is that fear that they dwell within, and it is not hers. Some beings are afraid to cross over; others are there by a choice of something they have done in a lifetime. They are drawn to her by her light. They seek help from her but it is she who feels their fear and their inability to grow and move forward. She must not fear them. They are drawn to her for help. But she can choose whom she wishes to help and can state very clearly that she has no desire to be in tune with them. These are not beings of the dimension she wishes to tune in to; they are dwelling in the physical world, where she is. These are not in the dimension of highly evolved beings: guides, angels, whatever you wish to call them.

So the beings she is feeling are people who have left their bodies but have not moved forward into the light?


And the fear she is feeling is their fear of moving forward?


So she can choose either to help them by telling them to move forward or she can say, “I don’t want to experience this. I want to go to the higher realms?”

Exactly. She can say out loud, “Stop. I do not wish this. I close myself to you,” if she does not want them to be near. She might use some ritual if it makes her feel better. It isn’t necessary. She has free will; she can choose.

If she wishes to help them, tell them to go to the light. Tell them that there are beings there to help them; that they must not fear. There is nothing to be afraid of; there is only love. They often fear because of choices they made in the path they were on. It has nothing to do with the realm that they be in now. They are choosing to stay in a place of no growth. Whether you are in a physical body or have left it, if you choose to not grow and move forward you stay in one place.

So, any advice to Freya about coping in the physical world?

She needs to embrace her life and not fear it. She needs to understand that there is only love, and that forward movement in her life is her life. She is choosing, as if liking and disliking this scary part. There’s a part of her in awe about it and liking it and a part of her that hears judgment from others that it is some great negative that can overpower her. It cannot unless she allows it to.

So she has the control.

Yes. All beings do. Your world is in a time where they are somewhat fascinated by this. There are many elements of entertainment that are fearful and create much that is not truth.

Yes, like ghost stories.


Is there a person that Freya might find who could help her?

It is more important that she should help herself. There are many that will help her but they will have their rules and regulations. Tell her she is strong within herself. And she is the wise teacher, and nothing can hurt her.

Thank you. I will tell her that.
So, it sounds like we can get stuck through fear of moving forward while we’re in body and also when we’ve moved beyond the body. I am beginning to realize that the only thing we are really responsible for is our forward movement. I like the way the guide says that there is only love and the forward movement in our life IS our life. Something to ponder.