Feeling one has failed in life; how to be happy

Jason says, “All my life I’ve been a strong creative soul.  With all my efforts, every goal and dream I’ve had has turn to dust and never even close to being fulfilled; goals of being a professional actor, writer, of traveling the world, of having a career that is meaningful to me. Now, as I turn 39 in a few months, I look back and feel only disappointment with my life, and betrayed by life.  Nothing I do brings my goals to completion, and I feel no sense of hope.  I dare not dream because it would be another failure.  What do I need to do to believe, trust, and achieve something meaningful for me?


Dear one, know this: that if you wish only to be unhappy, you will be unhappy.  Trust that if you wish to be happy, then it shall come.  Stop wishing and start being.  You have not failed at anything other then some plan that you thought you should be.   Perhaps you should release yourself from the limitations and expectations that you have set about yourself. Perhaps these have come from an earlier time in this life, the feeling that there is some category that you should fit in and be it forever.
You are a magnificent being and you can reflect whatever you need to whenever you want to.  Trust in this.

Other beings often think you are somewhat of a chameleon because whenever you are with someone you are comforted with them and can be what they are and yet that is not your truth. And so when a being tries on so many different things it is hard to figure out what exactly you be.
You are an amazing counsellor, you are an amazing being who helps others to communicate one to the other.Perhaps look at these things my child and stop feeling negative  about your being.  But start realizing how magnificent you truly are, by knowing those things were not right for you.
Be not so sad.  Look about you, put your head up and see the world that supports you.  It gives you all of these things.   If you want to be unhappy, you will be unhappy.
Try happiness my child.  Sometimes it is even said that if perhaps if you should pretend to be happy you will be happy.  There is truth in this.  There is something in the habituation of doing something over and over again, it creates this.  There is truth is this.  Blessed one, there is happiness for you.


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