Jan Jan feels she is being pushed back on a path she thought was blocked.  She says, “I allowed things to just Be the last few weeks of 2009 and although there were some pretty tough moments we got through it. But I seem to be constantly at loggerheads with a close family member, its a very volatile situation and I feel like just giving up on this person. I am trying very hard to just let it BE, I bless the situation and the person but sometimes it all comes crashing down and all I want to do is just lash out in anger (verbally not physically). I value any insight you may have.
Dear heart, dear heart, there is great grieving within you and you are not as radiant as you could be.  Lashing out is not what you want to do, and you know that it is wrong for you. Take time now to love yourself, to see yourself strong and whole. You know within yourself that you are a good, a wondrous being.  If there is something that antagonizes you, be still, and examine it.  Often times the thing that is the most irritating is something you need to learn from and something that has part of you within it.

Be patient within yourself, little one.  Some parts are not willing to move forward, or to take a step forward in growth.   Have humour and love.  Be patient.  You know your truth, blessed one. Lashing out only makes you feel bad.  It is as if drinking the poison to hurt someone else; it will not help you my dear.  Be still, love yourself.  And in time you will forgive, you will love.  Most importantly, you will be willing.