Chanti writes:

My dear guides, I am in France, this beautiful place.  I feel I have been here before and I am meeting wonderful people who have been very nice and helpful to me. I feel so grateful for all that is happening to me while I am here. My experience turns out to be a bit more complicated than I was expecting with my sister. This is been a very long journey to try to figure out what is wrong with me, that I cannot see the work in this between her and I.

Every time we are together I never feel good enough. I feel she wants to change me. She is telling me the way I am, the way I should think, the way I should behave and at the same time she is saying “I want you to be yourself” and if I am myself around her and her family she makes judgments of what I spoke about long ago. I know this is not about who is better who is right or who is wrong. I need to know what I have need to learn form all this? And what can I do to fix this?

I had to move out of their apartment here in France and I am worrying about money because it is costing to rent here. I have this lovely studio I am renting here till the end of July after I have no idea where I will be.  Of course this is scary but at the same time I am listening to what life is trying to tell me. Do I need to travel for a while?  My friend Earl lent me a dvd on the teaching of Abraham and it is helpful to me. I know this is all about vibration and energy so I would like to know how to be free of what others think of me. Thank you my guides for all the help and the support you have given me all these years. Blessings.


The guide’s response:

Dearest, dear one, I know where you are.  I know who you are.  And you have grown—and you are quite magnificent now.  But because you have grown and moved forward, do not expect all to have done so.  What you represent to your sisiter, what you are doing with this one….  You need to know that she judges herself so harshly, so you need to mirror back what she presents to you for that is what you are for her.

She is angry with you because you have grown and moved forward.  She is angry with you because you have embraced life and she feels she has limited hers.  She feels she wants you to change but in truth she wants herself to change.  I give you this information so that you will not judge this one, but love her.  And always be still with her.  Radiate back the love that you have.  You do not limit her to what was, but what is.  You allow her to be now.  She wants to do what you have done, but does not know how.

It is not up to you to show her how.  It is not up to you to be responsible for her path.  But know that the love that you have found for yourself (which is so wondrous), she cannot find for herself.  So she tries very hard to make some part of you not perfect.  But you are my blessed one.  You are perfect in your ability to make choices that though they may not be perfect, they are your choices—and they affect your growth in a most positive way for you now see all.  You know she is still following in the limited steps that began in the early part of her life—ones that you were brave enough to step out of.

You do have a promise with this sister.  It is not complete.  Fill that angst you feel between her and you with light, with love.  When you are together, dissolve your anxiety with love.  Just stand with the love and let it be there.  It will affect the outcome.  Do not worry about finding words.  Do not judge.  Be light, be love, be joy.

I know you worry about finances for you tell your universe you need to worry about finances.  You always have.  You’ve always struggled against this.  When you stop struggling, when you accept the fact that you are very much like your little totem, the turtle—a home can be wherever you create it.   You have the capacity to make money wherever you are.  For you are a bright light.  And you see the tenderness in others.  And you’re always willing to help.  So begin believing that you will have all you need.  And be open to the love that you want so much.  You don’t need to chase around looking for it, it is there for you.

Should you continue to travel, blessed one?   You will see and touch more hearts and they will fill yours.  All is good.  I know you have in the back of your mind that that you want: the rose covered cottage with all things perfect.  Seek that dream, but be willing as you have been so far, and open to embrace that that is present within you now.  And you will create your perfection.  Bless you my child.

How to be free of what others think of you?  Blessed one, you are free of that.  Their thoughts and judgments can have no affect on you, unless you accept this.  It is from your early life when expectations were laid upon you that gave you the understanding, the old attitude that:  I must be perfect in everyone’s eyes, even if I am in great pain over it.  You have grown past this, my dear.  This is why you have moved away from that pain.  It is why you have moved away from old judgments and the controlling limitations of it.  You are free of their expectations and judgments–even this one who gives you this dvd.

You walk in the light my child.  Not to anyone else’s music but yours.  Not to anyone else’s words but yours.  Yes, listen to their words.  See who they be.  Witness their existence—but love your own.  Witness your own and know that you alone will know your truth.  You are ancient; you have walked this walk many times.  Even if you have not the words to explain it, you know you are seeking it.  Bless you.