Feeling confused about an upcoming move

I have a question from Beth. She says, “I feel blessed to have found this site at this time. I have too many worries swirling through my head and I can’t seem to quiet myself to listen (that and having two boys ages 2 & 4 contributes to the noise… and the abundance of love in my life).

“We moved a great distance last fall be closer to my mother who was going through breast cancer treatments. Like all change, there have been pluses and minuses. My husband is not happy with his position here and has found another in South Carolina. We are poised to move over the summer to what we hope will be our “home” for many years to come, yet something, to me, is not quite right.

“I have met souls in the new location that have been wonderful and welcoming, yet, all of the sudden, more and more loving and supportive souls have been appearing in our lives here. My husband is adamant about leaving here but no choice feels right to me. Any guidance or insight would be most welcome. Many thanks.”

Blessed one, this truly is not about moving. It is about your being heard, your speaking your words, to be heard. Right now, you have blinders up.

He feels he has given and now you must give. He wants to move because he needs to support his family. He has put a great deal of weight on you my dearest one. You are not afraid of moving. You are not afraid of anything. You are an open, caring blessed being. I think you are very much like a little turtle. You could make a home anywhere. You are always able to make everyone comfortable around you.

The thing that plagues you and worries you right now is that you are not being heard. You need to have him and you sit down together for him to look into your beautiful eyes and into his. Put your hands on his face and have him touch you, one to one, heart to heart. Talk to each other.

You feel alone in this choice he has made. You do not feel he has considered you in this. You are frightened by this. Speak and stay open, please. You love him dearly and he you, but right now the two of you are not communicating. Be tender with one another. I know you are feeling that there is a deadline and you are anxious about this. You never did like deadlines, this is nothing new. Take time to talk. If he would take time to talk with you, you will feel better.

You know these beautiful children will be well anywhere. You are a magnificent being. Speak heart to heart with this one, it will help you.

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