Fear of negative spirits

Stuart Allan from Scotland asks about negative spirits.  He says, “I’m having problems with negative spirits in my life. How do i overcome these?  I’ve been taught to dance in a special manner but I can’t do it myself as these entities take over my thought process.  Is this dangerous?  If I continue will it help to remove these spirits as my vibration increases?”


First my dear, know that there are no negative spirits.  Once in a while you will encounter a being that is not of the level of guide, or angel, or whatever you wish to call those of us.  And there are some beings that become trapped in their process and they are drawn to your light.  There is nothing to fear from them.  They cannot control you, although they might make you a little uncomfortable. But it is only because they are lost and need your help. Dearest one, nothing in spirit can ever harm you. It is only through fear in the physical world that harm might come.

So, your movements are very good, they are very freeing. But this is not going to be the only language which you will have. Be open to the changes that are at hand with you, blessed one.  You are truly an amazing spirit and you channel only that of the highest. Do not fear it. There is nothing in spirit that can harm you. If you encounter one of these entities that is confused and lost, communicate with it. Tell them to go to the light, that there are beings around them that can help them.  There is no need to fear.

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