Fear of losing control or ability to love

Elizabeth writes:

Dear Guides, I know my next step is to open the door to love someone but the thought of it scares me beyond comprehension. A part of me is frozen with fear and its creating havoc. I’m literally sick, I can’t concentrate. I cannot calm myself down. I try to feel it for a few seconds to heal it but my heart goes crazy and so does my mind. What’s going to happen if I feel it for more than a few seconds? I feel I’m going to lose my mind and my family on my father’s side is well known for that. I don’t want that to happen to me again. What can I do when I start to face this? Thank You.

The Guide’s response:

Firstly, know my dear that you will never feel as low as you have already felt. You have worked and grown through much of that great fear of losing your controls or abilities to love.  You worry very much about holding on to something that you are and cannot lose, not ever.  You may think that your mind is not working, but your spirit is, dear, so trust in this.

The conscious mind tries in many ways in your body to grasp and control and not allow hurt and harm, so you create an illusion of it.  So you are making your heart race faster because this body that that carries your amazing spirit knows not the difference between the reality or the thought.  How to stop this?

How to embrace light and love? First, understand yourself whether it be through looking upon your vision in a mirror or with one that you trust and will not judge.  It is time to speak of all things and part of your being is trying to understand with a child’s mind instead of consciously as an adult, able to grow and move through its mind.  It is a bit long winded dearest, but you need to walk in your pain, to stand in it as the strong survivor that you be–knowing that you will never feel so lost or unable to control your state.  It will not occur again.  So feel it, blessed one, do not be afraid of it.  Go into it. You are not losing your mind, as you are feeling like your mind has been speaking to you.  Then start by taking five deep, cleansing breaths and healing that beautiful heart with every breath in this beautiful body that holds you.  Your spirit very much loves this body.  It is time for the conscious mind to release you and to know that you are whole and well and able to love again in time.  There is no set time barrier that you need to fix before it is all gone and not allowed.

Take deep breaths, love your self, open to your world and know that you are perfect.  Your conscious mind is trying very hard to control things that you do not need to control.  Be, my dearest, and you shall be well.

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  1. Elizabeth March 9, 2011 at 12:41 pm - Reply

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!
    Much love,
    kiss kiss

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