Fear and growth

Rachel asks if she is doing any better.  She ways, “I know I slipped off the track a bit but feel like I am back on it and not so afraid anymore. Is my fear mostly gone or do I have further to go? Many thanks.”

How do I answer when you know yourself, in a way, that the fear was familiar and it kept you from moving forward.  And when one sees, truly, into the darkest part of the fear, one knows that it has a purpose.  No, you do not need to run from saber tooth tigers anymore.  But it stirs up old and ancient things in the human condition that are still needed even today. The obsessive-compulsive nature of your being, if I may use those words (no, you are not limited by it and it does not own you).  But there are parts of you that like to do these things because they still help you. Still, for that was familiar and you have released it, or accepted it–it be the same thing. And you have also accepted the unique amazing being that you are.  Know that you can help so many others by speaking, by teaching and by reaching out with an open hand. You are a great healer, my dear.  Trust in this, for yourself as well.

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