Family and work choices

FamilyMartin – I have been living away from my wife and son for sometime now. She is currently on leave for childcare but wants to join her job which would mean that we will not be able to stay together in near future also.  I would like to know if we would be able to manage our kid and her job well once she joins. Also, is it possible that in near future she gets a job opportunity at the same place where I work.

Guide – Oh my dearest one, you are a highly intelligent, wonderful being.  It’s as if you are living in two different worlds.  To care for your child is very important.  Also are the jobs and the creation of money.  Your society is telling you both are important, but how do you split yourself to which gains the most important?  It is unlikely that your wife will work at the same place as you, there seems to be a need where she is now working.  If you just simply hold your breath, nothing will change.

But if you choose to act upon your heart, your need, there are many choices you can make.  You can move to where you will be able to have childcare in the same business the two of you can work in.  Don’t be afraid, family is important.  Your family, not always the families you came from.  Be strong my dear.  This is not an easy path you walk on, but you have great ability to choose exactly as you need to.

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