Pam writes:

I would like to ask if I am creating my life through my free will and choices or does your Horoscope have a part to play in what the future holds for you ?  Many thanks, LOVE and Blessings.

The guide’s response:

There is a wonderful condition in the physical world that often when a being enters into it will create a way in which they can make sense of their world.  And many of these have been written upon over and over again, creating new sciences and nuances for them to follow their path or perhaps for others to learn about themselves. There are many of these truths. If you wish to follow one, then let it simply be perhaps a guide, but not the complete, absolute truth.  Make sure that the path you choose is your truth.

I will not say right or wrong for I do not want you to stop looking.  I want you to know that the search is a magnificent part of the physical world.  A search of finding out who you are, what you need to do.  Alright, pick up a book if it helps you for a certain message, so be it.  But don’t let that book stop you from stepping into the next realm of your path.  And then one day you might think back and say I used to do that but it no longer fits.   Then you know you did the right thing for you.

So, choose your tools, your information but start to seek your own truth for that is where you be my dear.