L  writes: 

I wanted to say thank you again, and ask another question that you guides might enjoy because it is unusual and I think many people can actually relate to it. I wanted to know, what is the cause of “sad nipple syndrome”? It is this phenomena that takes place when the breasts, especially the nipple, is touched and a very deep feeling of sadness washes over you. For me, it is a very bittersweet feeling, like deep grief mixed with a wistful sort of happiness, but it also makes me feel very hollow, as if I could just lay down and die. I know that is melodramatic sounding. Sometimes as a child I would feel it randomly without having the breasts stimulated. It would just come over me. I think other people experience this. What is it? Thank you.

The guide’s response:

Blessed being, your entire body is an amazing receiver and giver of energy.  Some beings create a body that has not this ability and must work on that.  Your creation is finely tuned, beautiful. It is such a receptor not only for your own growth and that that you have done in previous learning, but for others as well.

It is hard sometimes to be present in the physical world when one is so finely tuned, but see it not as a burden.  Do not concentrate on that area alone, but on the fact that your heart has a deep sadness.   A deep sadness that comes from not this life you live now. You come (your spirit) from a time of great injustice and loss with no answers given.  So, it does create a hollow, an echo, as if haunting you in the present.

It is not impossible to heal a past existence in the present of now.  It can happen in a second, or you can take a lifetime to do it.  The choice is yours.  There is part of you knows that there were children that were taken.  There is an emptiness knowing that there were loved ones that were lost.  In your heart it is at this very moment, but your mind knows that it is not present now.  So you must have your mind –  heart conversation that this did occur but it does not need to be present now.

It gives you an awareness, a compassion and an empathy for all beings.  You will have the ability to speak to beings as no one else might, making you a great communicator. Having the ability, the fortitude to speak might be the difficult part, but when you do the words will flow.  You will be a healer for you will stand in the energy of others and know who they are, where they be.  But only through the process of healing your own being once it occurs.  For you will create the healing path for yourself and others in time.

Fear not what others might think or judge.  It is a time to create a healing path for you.  It may involve some conversation of that that you have lived, thought, felt, but it will be through the process of how you will receive outside touch.  For it will be through the touch of other human beings when you are ready, that you will heal.  This is complicated because of your world’s need to find a complication, because of many that do not believe in that that was, and that that is.  But for you it is not a time of those that do not believe. It is time of belief for yourself.  You are a beautiful being.  Trust in your own path.