Expecting a child and concern about relationship


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 LS – Dear Spirit Guides, this question is in regards to my partner who I love very much. For a long time, in fact almost his whole life, my partner struggles with adapting to society and its system (social, financial, political). He despises many things that seem too conventional for him and he even despises those aspects in my life that according to him are too conventional. In his dark moments which seem to increase these days he feels a very strong resistance towards living in this world and in this society, it is as if his soul does not want to be here. He told me that for the most part of his life he could not stand what is going on around him. His ideology is totally opposed to what happens in society and in everyday life. He tried to look for alternatives but somehow he is still stuck in his situation. He often feels a strong tension in his chest and has sleeping problems. Friends offered him alternative healing sessions but he refuses to take the offer. He is very stubborn. From the first moment on I met my partner I could feel his heaviness and weight that he is carrying around. However, his inner resistance towards things is now becoming like a heavy burden on me too, especially as we are expecting a baby together.

What is the cause of his suffering and resistance? What can I do to support him without participate in his dark moods? I am very thankful for your support and answer.

Blessed, blessed child, of course you realize you cannot do growth for this one.  That it is much better if this one would ask how to help himself.  Instead, you work so hard trying to make it lovely for him. You know within yourself his upbringing was less than perfect and therein lies the difficulty.  The loneliness, the strict rules that had nothing to do with love.  And his moods will only get worst as the child comes into his life because the child is a key to a memory within himself, a great negative and difficulty.  

Be careful my dear for anger can build up in this one.  You must take care and protect yourself and your child.  He does want to parent.  He does want to live. He does want to find happiness and peace and he wants his child to have the same. But he had not made peace with his own life and unfortunately carries it like the dark burden you feel within him.  Love him but do not let him control your life to the point of any control over you.  He has been controlling you by telling you about his feelings.  He sees the worry in your eyes and in a very strange way it makes him feel good about himself.  This is not something you need to do alone, you should talk with others and get some understanding and help.  You are not alone, my dear, ask for help and do not be afraid.  You are strong.  You are a radiant being.

Who should she ask for help from, her friends, or a therapist?

Yes and for those beings (guides) that surround her.  She worries of him.  She needs to take care of herself.  Not that he is a great threat upon her, but this is not the life she wants for her or her child.  She wants joy and happiness and this can be.  She must take action now.  He has been controlling the issues and she has been allowing this.  Be the light that you are. Seek help to understand and give yourself information so you can feel an equal with this one.  That is important.  Bless you my child.

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